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The Fido-Stop Kit is a low-power DIY electrified fence, which can be used to keep your pets where you want them. The Fido-Stop delivers an electric shock, which is not pleasant, but is safe for children, animals and adults and is usually well remembered.
(Tested and approved by SABS in accordance with Post Office requirements. Certificate number 0039946 conforms to Government Gazette 11458)



The energizer must be plugged in inside a building where it can be kept dry. The output electricity from the energizer should then be carried to the “live” fence wire in “cabtyre” which is normal electrical insulated wire. This is not supplied in the Fido-Stop Kit, but 1mm 2 core cabtyre can be purchased from any hardware or electrical supplier. The cabtyre can be buried in the ground if required.
To construct the actual electric fence, the 8 fiberglass poles in your kit should be pushed into the ground around the area you want protected from your pets. If you want to stop a dog from jumping over a wall, you can either use the Fido-Stop Kit to make a barrier to stop the animals from getting close enough to the wall to jump, or alternatively you can fix the fiberglass poles to the top of the wall.
Choose the height of the wire and attach the springs to the fiberglass poles accordingly.
Then thread the wire through the springs.
Connect one end of this wire (via the cabtyre) to the fence terminal on the energizer.
Wrap the wire around the screw and then tighten the wing nut.
The other end of the wire should just be wrapped around the last fiberglass pole to terminate it. Do not allow the wire to touch anything but the springs & poles.
The steel earth rod should be hammered into the ground so that only a small piece is showing above the ground.
The earth rod should be connected (also via the cabtyre) to the EARTH terminal on the energizer.
Wrap the wire securely around the rod so that a proper connection is made.

When you have finished the installation and know that it is working, take the dog to the Fido-Stop fence for him to get a shock and this way be taught that the fence is there to stop him.

It is vital for electrified wires to be kept “clean”. Vegetation should be trimmed regularly.

To extend the Fido-Stop Kit, just add more wire and extra poles. Your stockist should have these available. Use the fiberglass poles supplied to you. Do not use metal or wooden poles. The wire may be extended
up to 1km. Splice wire together to make sure there is good electric connection. If you want a gap in your electrified wire for example between the separate flowerbeds, just use insulated wire (cabtyre) to
link the separate areas. The cabtyre can be buried under a lawn and connected to the fence at each end. Make sure the connections are good and that they are well above ground.

If you suspect your Fido-Stop fence is not working properly:
• Make sure the electrified wire is not touching your house, wall, metal, fence, trees, flowers etc.
• Check that there is electricity to the plug and that the red light on the energizer is flashing.
• Check that the 2 wing nuts and all joints are tight and secure.
• Check that the earth rod is pushed tightly into the ground. Check the wire connection. To check that your earth rod is making good contact with the ground, pour a bucket of water over it. If this temporarily solves the problem, you may need to move the rod to a moister / less sandy area, or use a longer earth rod (1.5m)
• Check that the insulated wire is not damaged.
• In dry areas, add in extra earth rods & keep soil moist.


Use the warning sign to identify the electrified wire. Inform guests about the location of your Fido-Stop fence. Remember to keep the energizer dry, although it is all right to get water on the electrified fence wires. Never install an electric fence so close to a swimming pool or pond that a submerged animal / human might come into contact with the electrified wire. It is dangerous to electrify barbed / razor wire !!

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